Taylor Strohmeyer: Photo Retoucher

Webpage Portfolio: TaylorStrohmeyer.com
While his webpage looks pretty cool, it’s a bitch-and-a-half to maintain and update. This means realistically Taylor will only showcase a small sampling of his work.

Also with the constraints of a webpage, it’s difficult to add beautiful (yet mobile friendly) content that explains the work. By simply moving his portfolio to a Google Doc, this problem is solved since Docs are so easy to use!

Taylor’s Google Docs Portfolio: Taylor’s Photo Retouching Portfolio.
Taylor’s Google Docs portfolio is FAR easier to update than a webpage, and allows him to add new projects in a minute or less.

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Chad Zreet Portfolio

Chase Zreet made a super clever and catchy video to apply for a position as copywriter for Sprite. You can even see in the comments a representative from Coke responded …

Ben Wise: Copywriter

Ben’s old Portfolio: Google Folder
He includes everything that potential clients would like to see, just not in a way that is easy for them to navigate.

Ben’s Google Docs