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Thought out scripts can save time.

Use Specific Facts Follow Up Email

Hey Aaron, still debating if we’re worth it?


22,374 project managers around the world using us everyday.

2,300 job applications get filled per day.

98.5% of our customers re-use …

Question Their Power Follow Up Email

I do not condone using this except in rare situations! This method might burn bridges, so beware.


Hey Jim, seems like we might be asking the wrong department about …

Extreme Honesty follow up email

Hey Laura, being completely honest here: We’re willing to go low as $125,000/yr, but lower than that is not profitable for us.

Let me know this week and I can …

Scarcity follow up email

Hey Reena,


We’ve got 10 engineers ready to go this quarter, but if we don’t close this deal by next week the company is allocating them to another project. …

Closing follow up after getting no response

Possible Subject Lines:

  • Closing your file?
  • Your file will be closed.
  • Closing your account.
  • Close out this account?

Body Copy:

Hey Niles,

We are in the process of closing files …

Follow up after getting no response

Hey Erica, quick followup.


I’m not sure what our next step is. Let me know course of action makes sense (if any).


Thanks for your response.

-Neville – …

Follow up email after a job interview

Hey Jim, it was great meeting!

I’ve included a small one-page document outlining the immediate problems I saw. I would love to help the team fix all of these!

email follow up job interview document

Follow up email after a sales call

Possible Subject Lines: Stuff from call. The links you wanted. Call notes. All the links you liked