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Category: Formulas

For centuries people have tried to formulate and templatize marketing strategies.  Each formula doesn’t have to be followed precisely, but they are very useful for getting started and filling a blank page with a framework.

Three Pronged Pricing

Three pronged pricing is how you can offer a super low price so you don’t scare people away, but also offer a really high price to make sure you keep …

The 12-Step Formula for Sales Letters

1. Get attention
2. Identify the problem
3. Provide the solution
4. Present your credentials
5. Show the benefits
6. Give social proof
7. Make your offer
8. Inject scarcity

The How-To Email Subject Line Formula

{Attention-grabber}: how to {avoid or get attention-grabbing thing}
How {world-class example or average joe} {does amazing thing}
How to {do amazing thing}
How to {do amazing thing} without {unpleasant thing}…

Make Your First $ Headline Copy

Make Your First {$} in Just {Time}

List-your-services marketplace example:
Make your first $100 in just 24 hours

Real estate flipping example:
What if you could make your first million …

Get Rid Of The Problem Headline Formula

Get Rid of {Problem} Once and For All

Accounting software example:
Get rid of your accountant’s fees once and for all

Personal coaching example:
Get rid of that nagging voice …

The We Promise You This: Headline Formula

We Promise You This: {Highly Desirable Result} Or {Consequence}

Gym membership example:
We promise you this: lose 30 pounds or we’ll pay for a month at a different gym


The Objection or Anxiety Headline Formula

The only {product category} that doesn’t {objection or anxiety}.

Accounting software example:
The only accounting software that doesn’t come loaded with a hundred pointless features.

Accounting software example:
The only …