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Category: Advertorials

Advertorials are [ADVERTISEMENT] + [EDITORIAL CONTENT]. Example: A company like Purina dog food can pay BuzzFeed money to publish an article called “10 Cute Pupppies Who Love To Eat.” In some of the pictures, they might be eating Purina brand dog food. THAT is an advertorial!

AppSumo Advertorial

If 70% of the article would be about the benefits of the product, how to use the product, and other cool benefits you’d get by having it.

Then less than …

David Ogilvy Guinness Advertorial

Not only was it an advertisement for Guinness, but people used to tear it out of the magazine and keep it.  Restaurants would even display this ad for the patrons …

David Ogilvy Rinso Detergent Ad

This Rinso Detergent ad that did better than any other detergent ad, ever……because it was so easy for housewives to tear out of the magazine and keep in their …

Ogilvy’s Guinness Guide To Cheese Print Ad

Part of Ogilvy’s Guinness Guide To… campaign.

Red areas are most likely to attract attention, followed by Yellow/Orange areas, and Blue areas. Areas that have no color overlay are unlikely …