Sketch App Home Page

This is a well designed and engaging landing page that showcases some of the core features in Sketch.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

This sales page for weight loss plan uses before and afters, testimonials and guarantees to entice customers.…

Likeaglove Sales Page

Sales page for leggings that measure your body to help you pick the right jeans and keep track of your body changes.…

Woot banner ad

This is a cute/cool banner ad by getting people to their website. It’s got monkeys….enough said!…

Volkswagen Lemon Print Ad


This Volkswagen missed the boat.

The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it; Inspector Kurt Kroner did.

Craigslists Photography Post

Full Photography Sessions in Austin: Just $100

I am a photographer here in Austin who can do a 1-hour photoshoot with you:

I can take the

Facebook Photography Post

Hey friends! As you know I do photography on the side, and would like to offer friends a 1-hour photoshoot for just $100.

In this photoshoot we can take professional …

Craigslist Website Script

Title: WordPress websites made for $100 right here in Austin!

Body: WordPress websites made for you right here in Austin!
– Flat $100 fee for full website setup.
– 24 …